درس بیست و یکم لغات فیلم های زبان انگلیسی



Clip Script: Irwin, no!

Emergency code seven.

Stay out of there! No!

We have two unidentified figures. I’m going out to meet them.

Something isn’t right here.

Further example: An unidentified man was spotted near the scene of the crime.



اعصاب خرد کن، نگران کننده، تکان دهنده

Clip Script: Really? I hear that a lot.


It’s okay.

It’s unnerving when a total stranger sees you more clearly than you see yourself.

Further example: Working with three-year-old kids was an unnerving experience.



جای خالی

Clip Script: You know, if you could clear out all that space in your mind… that you’re using to obsess over this guy… and your failed marriage, you’d have a vacuum with a doorway.  And you know what the universe would do with that doorway? Rush in.

God would rush in. Fill you with more live than you ever dreamed of. Man.

Further example: Her husband’s death left a vacuum in her life.


ناپدید شدن

Clip Script: Exactly the same way a cartoon circus performer, dives off a high platform and into a small cup of water, vanishing completely.

Your underwear, my queen.

He just folder my delicates.

Further example: My keys were here a minute ago but now they’ve vanished.



پوشش گیاهی

Clip Script: We’re going talk about climate and vegetation zones.

Further example: Lefkas has an abundance of lush green vegetation.

درس بیست و یکم لغات فیلم های زبان انگلیسی Vegetation پوشش گیاهی
Vegetation پوشش گیاهی




Clip Script: At this time, I observed an unknown suspect with a gun chasing another man who appeared to be unarmed. I identified myself verbally and began chasing the man with the gun.

Further example: Her boss failed to stop the other workers from verbally abusing her.



کلمه به کلمه، مو به مو

Clip Script: Avery’s on two.

Tell him to screw.

You want me to communicate that verbatim or can I spice it up a little?


Christ, kid. Yeah.

Paul, I’ve been thinking…

Oh, God save us all.

Further example: Their stories were taped and transcribed verbatim.


رای هیات منصفه

Clip Script: The city of Chicago has come to a complete standstill… as the trial of the century finally draws to a close.

Mrs. Hart sits quietly at the defense table. Hands folded.

Wondering what fate has in store for her. And now a hush falls over the courtroom, as the 12 men of the jury file slowly back to their seats.

Gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict?

We have, your Honor.

Further example: There was not enough evidence for a guilty verdict.

درس بیست و یکم لغات فیلم های زبان انگلیسی Verdict رای هیات منصفه
Verdict رای هیات منصفه



ناملایمات، پستی و بلندی ها

Clip Script: “ The law must acknowledge and occasionally accommodate…” “the extraordinary vicissitudes of justice.”

Further example: She was complaining about the vicissitudes of married life.


عتیقه، قدیمی

Clip Script: I told you, nachos. Know what? I’d be asleep too if I had a dump like that.

We’ll give him to his mom.

Come here then.

Wanna help me change his diaper?

Yes, I do.

Hey, how’s the vintage car thing going?

Oh, no, no, no. I changed jobs. I’m a pastry chef now.

You mean you’re a baker.

Further example: I bought a vintage car at a high price.

درس بیست و یکم لغات فیلم های زبان انگلیسی Vintage عتیقه، قدیمی
Vintage عتیقه، قدیمی



اندام های مهم بدن

Clip Script: Bobby? Please go call an ambulance. Please, Bobby, you need to breathe. Please breathe. Please just…

How are his vitals?

He’s crashing.

Further example: A pain like the worst toothache clutched her vitals.



دمدمی مزاج

Clip Script: Ganesh. Remover of obstacles.

I’m gonna need a lot of these.

Speaking of elephants, there’s a rogue elephant on the loose in the area. He was with carnival. They say he is very, very unpredictable and volatile.

That just makes him more attractive to her.

Further example: I cannot stand people who are volatile.



Clip Script: Mr. Kirk, we don’t have much time! Come see me on your way out for the list of materials you require for your work. I need you to complete your security clearance form. I’ll also give you your various access badges and meal vouchers.

Further example: The voucher can be used at the university cafeteria.



عهد، سوگند

Clip Script: No. You never said: “Hey, you know what?  You suck. I’m deeply unhappy.” You just took off. You never gave me a chance to address those problems. That’s not fair. That’s just quitting. I took vows. Till death. And I take them seriously.

Further example: The couple made their vows at St Paul’s church in Hayes.




Clip Script: Thank you for watching us.

Adam, you did not have to do this. I could have gotten you that patent. Trans world is the worst thing that ever happened to us.

And what now, you’re one of them?

Come on, Albert…

Those people are vultures. And you’re gonna give them your golden goose for peanuts?

We have nothing!

Further example: He hadn’t been dead five minutes before those vultures from the media were after his window.




Clip Script: I keep thinking, I’m gonna wake up on the side of the road out there.

You know, it’s funny… Out there, I’d never take the main roads.

Always take the country trails or the railroad tracks. Just scared of seeing anybody. One day, I see this warehouse by the main road.

Further example: The warehouse store may be as large in size and have as many departments as the conventional supermarket.



اقتضا کردن، ایجاب کردن

Clip Script: So does anyone think this suspect warrants further investigation?

These are copies of some of the Zodiac letters that were sent.

We’d like you to take a look at them.

You think my brother’s the Zodiac.

Well, we’re looking at him.

Further example: This tiny crowd does not warrant such a large police presence.



آدم عجیب غریب

Clip Script: You used to piss your pants, everyone knows you’re weirdo.

Further example: Jenny’s going out with a real weirdo.


محکم زدن

Clip Script: You gotta ball your fist up, okay? That’s your punching hand. Ball your fist up, case you have to whack him when he come about. All right, all right.

Further example: He kept whacking the dog with a stick.


فعالیت شدید

Clip Script: Family fortune swept away. You were educated at the Sacred Heart. Then you fell into a runaway marriage. Left you miserable, alone, unhappy. You got all swept up in the mad whirl of the city. Jazz, cabarets, Liquor. You ere drawn like a moth to the flame. Now the mad whirl has ceased. You are a butterfly crushed on the wheel.

Further example: The next two days passed in a whirl of activity.



مثل برق حرکت کردن

Clip Script: I was whizzing with those who were not yet born.

Further example: An ambulance whizzed past.



مرد بیوه

Clip Script: I am widower myself.

Look, I’m sorry. I have to go.

Further example: For ten, eleven years he was a widower with every opportunity to marry and beget a son.




Clip Script: It seems everybody these days is rooting for Roxie Hart.

Take those wilting flowers to the orphanage and make sure they know who sent them. So, kiddo,given any thought to what you want to do after Billy gets you off?

Further example: She opened the window and took the wilting flowers out.



آرزومند، مشتاق

Clip Script: No, it’s the perfect combination of Italian sounds.

It’s the wistful “ah,” the rolling trill, the soothing “ess.’

That’s true.

I love it. All right, let me teach you a word.

Further example: She looked at them with a wistful smile.


With a bang

با موفقیت

Clip Script: and you stand, I always think you’re about to go, “Chug!” Congressman, you certainly started your career off, eight years ago, with a bang or should I say, a bust.

Further example: Stock markets started the year with a bang.

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