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نوامبر 27, 2020
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آموزش لغات انگلیسی در فیلم های انگلیسی : درس ۱۸

Stand up for sb

از کسی دفاع کردن

Clip Script: That’s it?

Well, he was very aggressive.

Well, I’m sure George can stand up for himself.

He was active like he used to.

Further example: It’s time we stood up for our rights.



تحریک کردن

Clip Script: A smell stimulates a happy memory.

Further example: An inspiring teacher can stimulate student to succeed.




Clip Script: I got suspended from school for three days.


I got time a fight with Paulie Ferrari and he had to have stitches.

Stitches? How many?

Six, I think.

Further example: He fell down and had to have 10 stitches in his head.

درس هجدهم لغات فیلم های زبان انگلیسی Stitch بخیه

Stitch بخیه




Clip Script: Did they hear a shot?

No, They first saw him in the front seat, thought he was a drunk fighting with the driver. Oldest kid ran downstairs to get a better look from the dining room, described him as a while male, glasses. Crew-cut, stocky, and wearing  a dark jacket.

Wait, I thought someone said he was black.

That’s the description that went out to radio cars.

Further example: He’s a big stocky bloke and he plays rugby.



حمله کردن

Clip Script: Yeah.

We struck out with the judge. He won’t sign off on a warrant for Allen’s house.

Why not?

Said it wasn’t enough. Now, unless we bring him a handwriting match or some evidence that…

How are we gonna get evidence If we can’t toss the house?

I don’t know.

Further example: Opponents of the war say civilian village have been struck several times.



ته ریش

Clip Script: “ Salinger, though I think he is listening, seems preoccupied. “He draws yellow lines on the map, but I follow them. “What do you do?”, counters Jerry. “I don’t hear you babbling on about the joys of barn cleaning “or pouring anhydrous ammonia on your stubble or whatever else you do.”

Further example: Grey stubble covered his cheeks and chin.

درس هجدهم لغات فیلم های زبان انگلیسی Stubble ته ریش

Stubble ته ریش



چشمگیر، قابل توجه

Clip Script: Excuse me, gentlemen. Miss Kelly, do you remember anything about that night?

I passed out completely. I can’t remember a thing. Only that I didn’t do it.

Any idea who did, dear?

No, but my client is offering a substantial reward to anyone with information about this crime.

How much is the reward, Miss Kelly?

Further example: We have support of a substantial number of parents.




Clip Script: Pigeon superstition.

Further example: I don’t believe in the old superstition that walking under a ladder is unlucky.



مقبول، اعتراض وارد است

Clip Script: Did he threaten you, Roxie?

Objection, Your Honor. Counsel is leading the witness!


What did Casely say when you told him the news?

“I’ll kill you before I’ll see you have another man’s child!”

Further example: The word of “Sustained” made the lawyer stop objecting more.



غوطه ور شدن، غرق شدن در چیزی

Clip Script: Press conference is a 4:00. We got to give them something.

We’re coordinating with the school board, and we expect a break.

In the case very soon.

What do we really got?

We’re swamped. When they can’t get anyone on the tip line they call the switchboard and keep getting put through.

You got any hard suspects?

Further example: We’ve been swamped with phone calls since the advert appeared.



حرص خوردن، نگران بودن

Clip Script: Velma, where you been? And where’s Veronica?

She’s not herself tonight.

But they paid to see a sister act!

Don’t sweat it, I can it alone.

Further example: Don’t sweat it, I’ll lend you the money.


To take credit for sth

اعتبار کسب کردن

Clip Script: Couple days after this article came out. The police already had somebody in custody. Zodiac didn’t do it, but took credit for it anyway because he’s in it for the press.

Further example: He’s the kind of man who makes things happen but lets others take the credit.



ملال آور، کسل کننده، خسته کننده

Clip Script: What is it you have trouble with?

Everything. It’s long, it’s tedious, I can’t keep up, and I get these insane anxieties about everything in my life, and I’ve lost my place.

Sounds like  it has a positive effect, if you’re having such strong emotions and physical reactions. You keep trying.

Further example: The work was tiring and tedious.




Clip Script: And here we are in the center of Bali. You got the one bedroom, got your fish pond. You got your own meditation temple. I tell you, since the bombing, tourism’s been way  down.

So I can give you this place at a very, very good price right now.

Further example: They had been to so many temples and doused themselves with so much holy water, their souls were transparent.

درس هجدهم لغات فیلم های زبان انگلیسی Temple معبد

Temple معبد



پایان یافتن

Clip Script: Well, uh, I think that’s a mistake, yeah?

There is no mistake, Mr. Boruchowitz. You lied of your seniority, you will be given a retirement package, but your Trans World contract has been terminated.

Further example: The court ruled that the contract must be terminated.



شهادت دادن

Clip Script: Tell me Miss Kelly, did you make a deal with Mr. Harrison? Maybe to drop all charges against you in exchange for testifying?

Well, sure. I’m not a complete idiot.

Further example: Mr. Molto has agreed to testify at the trial.


The road goes both ways

این چیز دو طرفه است

Clip Script: As soon as he got out, he split.

Really? Why?

I don’t think he wanted to have anything to do with this.

Can you send us everything that you have?

Well, the road goes both ways. Now, we need that print you lifted from the cab and we should have been in on the handwriting.

Further example: For me friendship is not a road that goes both ways.



مهیج، هیجان انگیز

Clip Script: I like killing people because it is so much fun. It is more fun than killing wide game in the forest because man is the most dangerous animal of all to kill. Something gives me the most thrilling experience. It is even better than getting your rocks off with a girl. The best part of…

Further example: The helicopter trip over the mountains was a thrilling end to a fantastic holiday.


Through the roof

خیلی بالا بودن

Clip Script: You remember a couple of years ago, when you threw yourself into there novation of your kitchen? You were completely consumed with being the perfect wife and cook.

I was trying to make it work.

Well, I think chanting and meditation is the same thing in a different costume.

Definitely give me that documentary. I’ve been thinking about vegetarianism. My triglycerides are through the roof.

Yeah. Thanks for everything.

Further example: his blood pressure is through the roof.

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