بخش ۶ سوالات آزمون EPT

آزمون EPT خرداد ماه ۱۳۹۸

Section one:Vocabulary

Section one
Section one

Read each statement below carefully and fill in the blank(s) with the best answer.

۱٫ Mary African people are forced to leave their countries and become ………. because of food shortages.





۲٫ The red sea is the ………. of over a thousand of fish species.





۳٫ Palms, growing in hot climates, are of the most …………… planted tree damilies.





۴٫ Mr.Johnson, the head of the sales department, was forced to ………. at his forty because of his ill health.





۵٫ The president ………… the importance of attracting businessmen to the country.





۶٫ What the teacher said ………. Mary to study harder.





۷٫ Gold has been highly valued from earliest time because of its beauty and ……. to corrosion.





۸٫ It is a very strange fact that frogs ….. water through their skins.





۹٫ One should never …………. the importance of family life in the development of a child.





۱۰٫ Yesterday morning, I found my little bird lying quietly inside his ……… .





۱۱٫ ……. is still the most serious crime in many countries.





۱۲٫ All the runners had completed the first stage of the race when a …………. rain started.





۱۳٫ In the future, water supplies will be ……. for some countries.





۱۴٫ There was not ……… evidence to prove that Jim had done anything wrong.





۱۵٫ The more skill you master, the greater ……… you can make to society.





۱۶٫ All the creatures we share the Earth with are important although ….. they may appear.





۱۷٫ They decided to build a library the the school because they wanted all the students to have ……… to good sources.





۱۸٫ It is known that a ………… number of accidents are due to human carelessness.





۱۹٫ Although Urdu is the …………. language of Pakistan, it is also widely used in India.





۲۰٫ About 70% of the Earth’s ……….. is covered by water.





۲۱٫ John has been …………. a scholarship because of his success at the university.





۲۲٫ Unlike the other planets in the solar system, Earth has a ……… set of characteristics ideally suited to supporting life.





۲۳٫ In today’s world, a lot of diseases …….. considered incurable in the past are treated successfully.





۲۴٫ Many people are living in shelters after days of intense rain that caused ………. damage.





۲۵٫ Hafez is one of the most ……… poets, and his poetry has been translated into many languages.





Section Two: Structure Part One

Section Two
Section Two

Choose the one which best completes the following sentences.

۲۶٫ During the war, women took on extra work ……… the men were at the front.

۱)so that

۲)as a result

۳)as if


۲۷٫ ………… Mary was not very rich,she gave a lot of money to the poor man .




۴)In spite of

۲۸٫ Seldom ………… been so upset.

۱)our teacher

۲)our teacher had

۳)could our teacher have

۴)has our teacher

۲۹٫ I won’t lend you my car ……….. you promise to drive carefully.



۳)so that


۳۰٫ ……. him do his school assignments more carefully.





۳۱٫ Mr.Johnson ……. the painting if he had realized that wasn’t actually an original copy.

۱)wouldn’t have bought

۲)won’t have bought

۳)haven’t bought

۴)haven’t been bought

۳۲٫ ……… European expert will be invited to speak to the committee.





۳۳٫ You haven’t eaten the cake that is made for John’s birthday, ……………. ?

۱)have you

۲)are you

۳)didn’t you

۴)haven’t you

۳۴٫ Mary failed the final exam ……… studying very hard.


۲)due to

۳)in spite of


۳۵٫ What made you …….. that letter?

۱)to write




۳۶٫ Fortunately,……… from a bump on the head, John suffered on serious injuries from his fall.





۳۷٫ The author’s latest novel ……… later this month.

۱)had been published

۲)is going to publish

۳)will be published

۴)being published

۳۸٫ John left home early ………. he would get to the stadium om time.


۲)in case

۳)so that


۳۹٫ The committee did not accept my proposal ……… they did not thinks it was practical.





۴۰٫ The summit talks ……… simultaneously throughout the world.

۱)will broadcast

۲)are broadcasting


۴)are to be broadcast

۴۱٫ ….. John Doe, writing free verse is like playing tennis without a net.

۱)According to

۲)Compared to

۳)Similar to

۴)In addition to

۴۲٫ I …………. the teacher when he told us when the paper was due.

۱)could misunderstand

۲)should be misunderstanding

۳)must have misunderstood

۴)had better misunderstand

۴۳٫ We ……… every game until our goalkeeper got injured.

۱)have been winning

۲)used to win

۳)might be winning

۴)must have won

۴۴٫ The people with ……… I shared a house when I was at university were all vegetarians.





۴۵٫ …… to get up at 4:00 every morning for a month was the most difficult part of our trip.

۱)we have

۲)we had

۳)Having to have


۴۶٫ I wouldn’t buy you a computer …….. I had the money.

۱)even if




۴۷٫ This time tomorrow, Maryam …….. over the Persian Gulf on her way to Tehran.

۱)will be flying

۲)will be flown

۳)could be flying

۴)has been flown

۴۸٫ We’ve been given a list of books, but some are so rare that ……. them will not be easy.

۱)to find


۳)being found

۴)to have found

۴۹٫ I offered ………. my brother to the bus station because he was in a hurry.


۲)to be driving

۳)to drive


۵۰٫ The nights were cold there, but the temperature climbed into the 40’s ……. the day.





۵۱٫ How long ……. in Tehran?

۱)since you lived

۲)you are living

۳)you should have lived

۴)have you been living

۵۲٫ Mary walked to the store, ……….. some groceries, and made a delicious dinner.

۱)had bought


۳)she bought

۴)was bought

۵۳٫ They ……….. more pleased if you had told them the news yourself.

۱)ought to be

۲)had been

۳)would have been

۴)will be

۵۴٫ Mr. Irani is an honest man, ………….. we can depend on him.





۵۵٫ I wish I ……….. a report on my project to the class every week.

۱)didn’t have to give

۲)should not be given

۳)won’t give

۴)must not be giving

Section Two: Structure Part Two

In each of the following sets of sentences, three sentences are grammatically correct and one sentence is not grammatical. Identify the incorrect sentence and mark your answer sheet.

Section Two
Section Two


۱)I cannot find my car key nowhere

۲)We had the architect design this house for us.

۳)My uncle helped me to find this job.

۴)Did they invite you to go with them?


۱)The students gave the final exam yesterday

۲)yesterday I worked very hard for several hours

۳)John answered all of the exam questions correctly.

۴)Have you read any interesting books recently?


۱)All of the exam questions were easy

۲)No,I’m going to buy the book

۳)John always studies his lessons carefully.

۴)Every morning I am going for a walk.


۱)Mary is in favor of writing long compositions

۲)Are you going to take the earliest train?

۳)John talks English more fluently than Jim.

۴)The little girl is afraid from the dog.


۱)If you get up early, try not to disturb everyone else.

۲)it doesn’t make any sense to get up so late

۳)Mary is used to get up very early.

۴)you should get up early because you have a lot of work to do today.


۱)John looks older than Jim

۲)Did you understand the question?

۳)Mary came late because of a car accident.

۴)If he asked me, I would have stayed.


۱)Dr. Irani spent the rest of the day at home.

۲)Is today’s movie worth to watch?

۳)That store is as far as the other one

۴)My favorite football team lost the game yesterday.


۱)It rained very heavily in March.

۲)Jim had never worked before he left school.

۳)These two boys have helping each other.

۴)Maryam will, perhaps, change her mind


۱)the new bridge was opened last month

۲)I was pleased to see my old teacher

۳)John asked me what I am doing

۴)Jim left the room and went downstairs.


۱)I’m sure you will get your Ph.D. degree next year.

۲)Chinese is not easy to be learned.

۳)We usually eat breakfast in the kitchen.

۴)The class should begin now, but our teacher is not here yet.

Section Three: Reading Comprehension

Directions: Read the passage and choose the one best answer, (1), (2), (3) or (4), for each question.

Reading Comprehension
Reading Comprehension

Passage 1

Dolphins are regarded as the friendliest creatures in the sea. Stories of them that help drowning sailors have been common since Roman times. The more we learn about dolphins, the more we realize that their society is more complex than people have previously imagined. Dolphins look after other dolphins when they are ill, care for pregnant mothers, and protect the weakest in the community, as we do. Some scientists have suggested that dolphins have a language, but it is much more probable that they communicate with one another without needing words. Are dolphins more intelligent than man? Certainly the most common argument in favor of man’s superiority over them is that man can kill them more easily than they can kill us; however, this argument is the least satisfactory. On the contrary, the more we discover about these remarkable creatures, the less we appear superior when we destroy them.

۶۶٫In line 11, “on the contrary” is closest in meaning to …..

۱) haphazardly

۲) likewise

۳) conversely

۴) accidentally

۶۷٫It is clear from the passage that dolphins …..

۱) are the most powerful creatures that live in the oceans

۲) don’t want to be with us as much as we want to be with them

۳) are proven to be less intelligent than once thought

۴) have a reputation for being friendly ro humans

۶۸٫The fact that the write of the passage thinks man can kill dolphins more easily than they can kill us …..

۱) means that they are better adapted to their environment than we are

۲) shows that dolphins have a very sophisticated form of communication

۳) does not mean that we are superior to them

۴) proves that dolphins have linguistic skills far beyond what we previously thought

۶۹٫One can understand from the passage that …..

۱) communication is the most fascinating aspect of the dolphins

۲) dolphins have skills that no other living creatures have, such as the ability to think

۳) it is not usual for dolphins to communicate with one another

۴) dolphins have some social traits that are similar to those of humans

۷۰٫In line 4, “look after” is the opposite of …..

۱) protect

۲) guard

۳) maintain

۴) neglect

Passage 2

Passage 2
Passage 2

Modern scientific and technological developments in the practice of medicine and public health have drawn nursing into new and wider fields of activity, and its functions have been expanded accordingly. Therefore, nursing is no longer limited mainly to activities within the hospital or, to what is called, curative nursing. It has also become a community service in which preventive and rehabilitative functions are a vital part of its program. The modern concept of nursing considers the the hospital, though central, as only one of many health agencies in the community.

۷۱٫ According to the passage, the nurse’s function has been expanded because of …..

۱) the progress in science and technology

۲) the nurse’s activities in the hospital

۳) hospitals, which are the most common work environment for nurses

۴) the unwillingness of nurses to work in the hospital

۷۲٫ In line 6, “vital” is closest in meaning to …..

۱) convenient

۲) improper

۳) satisfactory

۴) essential

۷۳٫ As we understand from the passage, today …..

۱) technological developments can’t improve the quality of care that is delivered in hospital.

۲) nursing care is not important to the capability of hospitals any more

۳) most of the nursing practice now takes place in people’s homes

۴) hospitals are not the only pace where people receive medical care or support

۷۴٫ We can understand from the passage that …..

۱) nursing shortage has had significant consequences during the past few years

۲) hospitals are still the most important component of the healthcare sector

۳) hospitals are the only places where nursing care is needed

۴) nurses don’t regard hospitals as important units in the community health program

Passage 3

Passage 3
Passage 3

When early humans hunted and gathered food, they were not in control of their environment. They could only interact with their surroundings as lower organisms did. When humans learned to make fire, however, they became capable of altering their environment. To provide themselves with fuel, they stripped bark from trees, causing the trees to die. Clearings were burned in forests to increase the growth of grass and to provide a greater grazing area for the wild animals that humans fed upon. This development led to farming and the domestication of animals. Fire also provided the means for cooking plants which had previously been inedible. Only when the process of meeting the basic need for food reached a certain level of sophistication was it possible for humans to follow other pursuits, such as the founding of cities.

۷۵٫ In line 9, “inedible” is closest in meaning to …..

۱) not fit for cooking

۲) not appropriate for farming

۳) not suitable for eating

۴) not proper for grazing

۷۶٫ In line 11, “founding” is closest in meaning to …..

۱) developing

۲) fostering

۳) expanding

۴) establishing

۷۷٫This passage is mainly concerned with …..

۱) basic food-gathering techniques of the early humans

۲) how people supplied themselves with food prior to the discovery of how to make fire

۳) the evolution of farming techniques

۴) how the discovery of fire changed the development of mankind

۷۸٫ One can understand from the passage that the discovery of how to make fire …..

۱) made easier for early humans to gather food

۲) increased food options for early humans

۳) improved the hunting skills of early humans

۴) caused early humans to interact with their surroundings as lower organisms did

۷۹٫ According to the passage, early humans …..

۱) gained better control of their environment when they learned to live with lower organisms

۲) started to maintain their food supply by hunting when they started cooking with fire

۳) didn’t eat plants after they learned how to control fire

۴) used fire as a tool to change their surroundings

۸۰٫ In line 4, “their” refers to …..

۱) humans

۲) organisms

۳) trees

۴) surroundings

Passage 4

Passage 4 in EPT exam
Passage 4

People have wondered for a long time how their personalities and behaviors are formed. Two distinct schools of thought on the matter have developed. The two approaches are very different from each other. The controversy is often referred to as nature and nurture. Those who support the nature side of the conflict believe that our personalities and behavior patterns are largely determined by biological and genetic factors. That our environment has little to do with our abilities, characteristics, and behavior is central to this theory. Proponent of the nurture theory claim that our environment is more important than our biologically-based instinct in determining how we will act. They see humans as beings whose behavior is almost completely shaped by their surroundings. Neither of these theories can yet fully explain humans behavior. In fact, it is quite likely that the key to our behavior lies somewhere between these two extremes. That the controversy will continue for a long time is certain.

۸۱٫ In line 8, “proponents” is closest in meaning to …..

۱) critics

۲) opponents

۳) activists

۴) advocates

۸۲٫ A good title for this passage is …..

۱) nature and nurture theories

۲) biological-based origin of human behavior

۳) environmental issues

۴) humans behavior and personality

۸۳٫ One can understand from the passage that supporters of the nature theory believe that …..

۱) environment is important in determining a person’s behavior and personality

۲) biological reasons have a strong influence on how we act

۳) a person’s personality has little effect on his actions

۴) it is impossible to explain why people possess certain characteristics

۸۴٫ One point made by the writer in the passage is that …..

۱) environment is the most important factor in determining personality

۲) the correct explanation of human behavior will probably take ideas from both theories

۳) the nurture theory correctly explain people acts

۴) genetic tendencies are more important than the environment in human development

۸۵٫ According to the nurture theory, …..

۱) a trait is always shaped by both genetic tendencies and the environment

۲) it is possible to measure the development of a trait within a population

۳) human behavior can be predicted based on the knowledge of genetics

۴) a person’s character is greatly influenced by his environment

Section Four: Cloze Passage

Section Four
Section Four

When you first arrive a foreign country, your …(86)… reaction is often completely positive. Everything …(87)… exciting, different, and fascinating. It’s …(88)… adventure. If you’re just on short holiday, you’ll probably never …(89)… this phase, but if you longer stay, your …(90)… toward the new environment …(91)… to change. As soon as you begin to realize how little you understand the new culture, …(92)… can get frustrating. People misunderstand what you’re trying to say, or they may …(93)… laugh at you for saying something incorrectly. Even simple tings can seem …(94)… difficult, and you are likely to overreact by getting angry or …(95)… when things go wrong. With time, though, you start to …(96)… to become more comfortable with the …(97)… and better able to handle frustrating and embarrassing …(98)… . Your sense of humor reappears …(99)… . You reach the stage of feeling able to be enthusiastic about the culture …(100)…, probably enjoy it, and maybe even like certain aspect of it.


۱) prior

۲) previous

۳) initial

۴) last


۱) considers

۲) regards as

۳) thinks

۴) seems


۱) the most

۲) kind of

۳) another

۴) an


۱) stay

۲) leave

۳) face

۴) survive


۱) personality

۲) manner

۳) feature

۴) attitude


۱) has started

۲) would have started

۳) can start

۴) starting


۱) approach

۲) life

۳) happiness

۴) motivation


۱) however

۲) despite

۳) even

۴) because


۱) rarely

۲) orderly

۳) impossibly

۴) systematically


۱) pleased

۲) upset

۳) helpful

۴) cooperative


۱) adjust

۲) respect

۳) maintain

۴) admire


۱) happenings

۲) differences

۳) lives

۴) hopes


۱) situations

۲) cultures

۳) areas

۴) point


۱) Finally

۲) So that

۳) However

۴) Seldom


۱) surely

۲) second time

۳) repeatedly

۴) once again

برای مشاهده ویدئوهای آموزشی جامع و باکیفیت لغات ۵۰۴ به روش ریشه شناسی و لغات تافل به روش ریشه شناسی کلیک کنید و تمام لغات ضروری آزمون های داخلی و بین المللی را با روش ریشه شناسی یاد بگیرید و اصولی و علمی معانی واژگان را بخاطر بسپارید.

پاسخ تشریحی آزمون EPT خرداد ماه ۹۸

۱٫گزینه ۱ «بسیارِ از مردم آفریقا بدلیل کمبود مواد غذایی مجبور به ترک کشورهای خود و پناهندگی می شوند.»

۱)آواره ، پناهنده

۲)بیگانه، خارجی



۲٫گزینه۱«دریای سرخ زیستگاه بیش از هزار گونه ماهی است.»

۱)محل سکونت،زیستگاه

۲)هسته،مرکز اصلی

۳)کارشناسی، مهارت

۴)پیکربندی، شکل

۳٫گزینه ۳«درختان خرما که در آب و هوای گرم رشد می کنند، یکی از گسترده ترین خانواده های درخخت کاشته شده هستند.»

۱)گاه و بیگاه، گهگاهی

۲)بطور گسترده

۳)از روی احتیاط، با توجه

۴)به سختی

۴٫گزینه ۳ «آقای جانسون، رئیس بخش فروش، مجبور شد بدر چهل سالگی بخاطر بیماری اش بازنشسته شود.»

۱)کار کردن

۲)کوشش کردن، تقلا کردن

۳)کناره گرفتن؛ بازنشسته شدن

۴)شرکت کردن (در)

۵٫گزینه ۱ «رئیس جمهور بر اهمیت جذب تجار خارجی به کشور تاکید کرد»

۱)تاکید کردن

۲)نفرت داشتن، متنفر بودن (از)

۳)به یاد آوردن، بخاطر آوردن؛ فراخواندن

۴)ظاهر شن، پدیدار شدن

۶٫گزینه ۱ «آنچه معلم گفته بود مری را تشویق کرد که بیشتر درس بخواند.»

۱)نشویق کرن، ترغیب کردن

۲)ایجاد کردن، توسعه دادن

۳)محدود کردن، منحصر کردن

۴)اعتراف کردن، اقرار کردن

۷٫گزینه ۱ «طلا از زمان های قدیم بدیلی زیبایی و مقاومت در برابر خوردگی بسیار ارزشمند بوده لست.»

۱)استحکام، پایداری، مقاومت

۲)انعطاف پذیری ، انعطاف

۳)بردباری، طاقت

۴)جاذبه، کشش

۸٫گزینه ۲ «این یک واقعیت عجیب است که قورباغه ها آب را از طریق پوست خود جذب می کنند.»

۱)تهیه کردن، اماده کردن

۲)جذب کردن،{توجه} جلب کردن

۳)اتسنشاق کردن، تنفس کردن

۴)هضم کردن

۹٫گزینه ۱ «کسی هرگز نباید اهمیت زندگی خانوادگی را در توسعه یک کودک دست کم بگیرد.»

۱)ناچیزپنداشتن، دست کم گرفتن

۲)تسخیر کردن؛ گرفتن؛ اسیر کردن

۳)محاسبه کردن

۴)متمرکز کردن

۱۰٫گزینه ۳ «دیروز صبح، پرنده ی کوچکم را در حالیکه بی صدا در قفسش دراز کشیده بود، پیدا کردم»


۲)حاشیه، لبه



۱۱٫گزینه ۱ «سرقت هنوز جدی ترین جرم در بسیاری از کشورهاست»




۴)تصادف؛ حادثه

۱۲٫گزینه ۲«همه ی دوندگان اولین مرحله ی مسابقه را تمام کرده بودند که بارانی ناگهانی آغاز شد.»


۲)ناگهانی، غیرمنتظره

۳)عجولانه، شتاب آمیز

۴)آهسته، تدریجی

۱۳٫گزینه ۴ «در آیندهف منابع آب برای برخی کشورها کمیاب خواهد بود.»

۱)بی درنگ، بدیهی،ضروری

۲)تصادفی، اتفاقی، الله بختی

۳)سیل گرفته

۴)نادر، کمیاب

۱۴٫گزینه ۳ «مدارک کافی برای اثبات آن وجود نداشت که ثابت کند جیم کار اشتباهی انجام داده است.»

۱)نرم،قابل انعطاف

۲)فراوان، وافر

۳)کافی، بسنده

۴)متفاوت، مختلف

۱۵٫گزینه ۲ «هرچه مهارتهای بیشتری داشته باشید، می توانید سهم بیشتری در {پیشرفت} جامعه داشته باشید.»

۱)مهربانی، محبت

۲)سهم، مشارکت، همکاری و کمک

۳)فداکاری ؛ تخصیص

۴)تخصیص؛ وقف؛ صمیمیت

۱۶٫گزینه ۲ «تمام موجوداتی که با آنها زمین را به اشتراک گذاشته ایم مهم هستند، هرچند که ممکن است کم اهمیت به نظر برسند.»

۱)باورنکردنی، غیرقابل باور

۲)کم اهمیت

۳)خارج از دسترس، غیر قابل دسترسی

۴)ناجور ، نامناسب

۱۷٫گزینه ۱ «آنها تصمیم گرفتند یک کتابخانه در مدرسه بسازند، زیرا می خواستند تمام دانش آموزان به منابع خوب دسترسی داشته باشند.»


۲)تاثیر، نفوذ

۳)شناخت، دانش


۱۸٫گزینه ۳ «مشخص شده که تعداد قابل توجهی از سوانح، ناشی از بی توجهی انسان است.»

۱)جمع،جمع کل

۲)خوش شانس

۳)قابل توجه

۴)سخت، شدید

۱۹٫گزینه ۳ «اگرچه اردو زبان زبان رسمی پاکستان است، اما بطور گسترده ای در هند نیز مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد.»




۴)اثبات شده، تایید شده

۲۰٫گزینه ۳ «حدود ۷۰ درصد سطح زمین توسط آب پوشانده شده است.»


۲)محیط زیست



پاسخ کوتاه ادامه سوالات

۲۱٫ گزینه ۲

۲۲٫ گزینه ۱

۲۳٫ گزینه ۲

۲۴٫ گزینه ۱

۲۵٫ گزینه ۳

۲۶٫گزینه ۴

۲۷٫گزینه ۲

۲۸٫گزینه ۴

۲۹٫گزینه ۲

۳۰٫گزینه ۳

۳۱٫گزینه ۱

۳۲٫گزینه ۲

۳۳٫گزینه ۱

۳۴٫گزینه ۳

۳۵٫گزینه ۳

۳۶٫گزینه ۱

۳۷٫گزینه ۳

۳۸٫گزینه ۳

۳۹٫گزینه ۲

۴۰٫گزینه ۴

۴۱٫گزینه ۱

۴۲٫گزینه ۳

۴۳٫گزینه ۲

۴۴٫گزینه ۴

۴۵٫گزینه ۴

۴۶٫گزینه ۱

۴۷٫گزینه ۱

۴۸٫گزینه ۲

۴۹٫گزینه ۳

۵۰٫گزینه ۲

۵۱٫گزینه ۴

۵۲٫گزینه ۲

۵۳٫گزینه ۳

۵۴٫گزینه ۴

۵۵٫گزینه ۱

۵۶٫گزینه ۱

۵۷٫گزینه ۱

۵۸٫گزینه ۴

۵۹٫گزینه ۴

۶۰٫گزینه ۳

۶۱٫گزینه ۴

۶۲٫گزینه ۲

۶۳٫گزینه ۳

۶۴٫گزینه ۳

۶۵٫گزینه ۴

۶۶٫گزینه ۳

۶۷٫گزینه ۴

۶۸٫گزینه ۳

۶۹٫گزینه ۴

۷۰٫گزینه ۴

۷۱٫گزینه ۱

۷۲٫گزینه ۴

۷۳٫گزینه ۴

۷۴٫گزینه ۲

۷۵٫گزینه ۳

۷۶٫گزینه ۴

۷۷٫گزینه ۴

۷۸٫گزینه ۲

۷۹٫گزینه ۴

۸۰٫گزینه ۱

۸۱٫گزینه ۴

۸۲٫گزینه ۱

۸۳٫گزینه ۲

۸۴٫گزینه ۲

۸۵٫گزینه ۴

۸۶٫گزینه ۳

۸۷٫گزینه ۴

۸۸٫گزینه ۴

۸۹٫گزینه ۲

۹۰٫گزینه ۴

۹۱٫گزینه ۳

۹۲٫گزینه ۲

۹۳٫گزینه ۳

۹۴٫گزینه ۳

۹۵٫گزینه ۲

۹۶٫گزینه ۱

۹۷٫گزینه ۲

۹۸٫گزینه ۱

۹۹٫گزینه ۱

۱۰۰٫گزینه ۴


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